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Ο ρόλος του Γερμανικού Αρχαιολογικού Ινστιτούτου Αθηνών στην Ελλάδα στη διάρκεια της Δικτατορίας (1967-1974)


The article examines the activities of the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) during the 1967−1974 Dictatorship in Greece. Based mainly on the DAI archives, it aims to trace the influence of its Director and his cooperation with the Director of Greek Archaeological Service. During the Dictatorship, two personalities dominated the archaeological circles. The first one was Ulf Jantzen, Director of DAI in Athens, and the second was Spyridon Marinatos, General Inspector of Archaeological and Historical monuments. Apart from the modus operandi of these two men, their political beliefs / affiliations, also influenced their attitude towards the staff of the insti- tute. Jantzen’s cooperation with Marinatos, could be characterized harmonious. Marinatos was the one who persecuted and displaced many dissident archaeologists, provoking agitation and insecurity in the service. Ulf Jantzen intervened in this dispute by exchanging information about dissident Greek archaeologists. The German embassy criticized his actions and the prestige of DAI Athen among Greek archaeologists diminished.