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«Κοιτάξτε τι καταπληκτικά που μοιάζει η φιλολογία μου με την ουσία της ζωής»: αυτοβιογραφία και υπερρεαλιστική ποιητική στη νουβέλα Βεατρίκη ή Ο έρωτας του Buffalo Bill του Ανδρέα Εμπειρίκου


World War II and the Greek Civil War that followed gave a surprising boost to Andreas Embirikos’s inspiration. The trilogy Ta Chaimalia tou erota kai tōn armatōn (Τα Χαϊμαλιά του έρωτα και των αρμάτων) was composed while battle raged. Its third part, with the title Veatrikē ē Ho erotas tou Buffalo Bill (Βεατρίκη ή Ο έρωτας του Buffalo Bill), was first published in 2012. It is an autobiographical
novella in which Embirikos as author / narrator quotes personal letters sent to Vivika Zēsē while he sued for her hand. In this paper, I examine this epistolary discourse not just as an explicative form of Embirikos’s erotic adventure, but as a key for our understanding of his creative purpose. The letters embedded throughout the novella steer its story-line and render it a fictional manifesto of both surrealism and the principles of psychoanalysis in Embirikos’s poetics.