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Το περιοδικό Παρθενών και ο ρόλος του στην πρόσληψη της ξένης λογοτεχνίας κατά τον 19ο αιώνα


Parthenon is one of many family literary journals published in Greece during the 19th century. Translated literary texts found in the magazine have been posted on an electronic database operated by the Centre of Modern Greek Language in Thessaloniki as part of a research project implemented by the Centre. The present paper focuses on exploring the physiognomy of the magazine in relation to the innovative character of the 1870s. To this end frequency of circulation and changes in the publication are monitored. A detailed presentation of Parthenon's literary translations is attempted, fol- lowed by an interpretative analysis of its translation choices and an exploration of the specific trends represented by these choices. As in most literary journals of this period, the dominance of translated prose fiction and mostly of short stories is present here too and it relates to the appeal of this literary genre to the public.