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Mandamadiotou, Maria

The parliamentary elections of 1908: civil rights and ethnic demands of the Greek Orthodox community of Mytilene

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Provias, Vangelis

Happy Death & A Letter
Translated by Victoria Reuter

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Lagios, Elias

Elias Lagios
Erēmē Gē
Translated by Konstantina Georganta

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Giannakopoulou, Liana

Μπολιβάρ, by Nikos Engonopoulos:
sculptural monuments and the poetics of praise from Pindar to Abraham Lincoln

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Γκότση, Γεωργία

«Ο θρήνος των Καρυατίδων»: βιογραφία μιας παράδοσης (1803-1902)

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Pavlou, Maria

Yannis Ritsos’ Nauseated Agamemnon and Jean-Paul Sartre

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García Marín, Álvaro

The origin is already haunted: Greece as the uncanny of modernity

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