Welcome to the Society for Modern Greek Studies



The Society exists to promote teaching and research in Modern Greek Studies throughout the United Kingdom. It organizes regular events, disseminates information, and collaborates with other related institutions and organizations. Its online journal Modern Greek Studies Online began publication in 2015. The Society also acts as the UK national body representing our subject and is affiliated to the European Society of Modern Greek Studies. If you support the aims of the Society, please join us!


  • A. G. Leventis Fellowship in Hellenic Studies. See Other news
  • Journal ΚΑΜΠΟΣ Digitised. See Other news
  • Elizabeth Jeffreys, R.I.P. See Other news
  • Monograph prize awarded to Prof. Tziovas. See Other news
  • "Athens Unpacked": podcasts by Sofka Zinovieff. See Other news
  • The SMGS is an active contributor to a rich, ongoing programme of events celebrating the bicentenary. See 21in21 and Society Events