Call for papers: Kazantzakis: a life of travels and transitions

Title: Kazantzakis: a life of travels and transitions
Editor: Charitini Christodoulou    

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing (


Kazantzakis’ physical journeys often inspired his famous capacity for mental migration, the ability he possessed to travel in his mind’s eye and consider many, different beliefs and behaviours. However, his travel writing has received little sustained scholarly attention, compared to his celebrated literary art. Therefore, I have decided to edit a volume of essays on Nikos Kazantzakis’ travel writings, in order to shed light on this dimension of his work. This volume will attempt to capture the twists and turns of Kazantzakis’ labyrinthine journeys and itinerant imagination, through detailed interdisciplinary essays, and in doing so, I hope to do justice to the complexities of this restless man of letters. <!--break-->

I invite papers that explore his travel writings (Spain, Japan, China, England, Moreas - Peloponnese, Italy, Egypt, Sinai, Jerusalem, Cyprus, Russia) in relation to one of the following themes: 

1)The socio-political situation in the country visited and his filtering of it, through his writing

2)The literary and journalistic elements in his travel writing

3)Psychoanalytic approach in the drive behind visiting these countries

4)Comparative approach of now and then in Kazantzakis’ description of the socio-political conditions

5)Any other subject that you might find interesting and timely

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Charitini Christodoulou
Independent Researcher