Education and professional training programme for new translators of Greek literature

The programme:

  • offers scholarships each year (1.200 euros X 10 months) to selected foreign students to enable them to live in Greece and improve their Greek, to acquire the necessary skills to become literary translators and to acquaint themselves with Greek literature. Each student will receive 1,200 euros per month to cover living costs, course fees and other expenses. The scholarship may be renewed for a second or third year at the discretion of the director and the Academy representative.

The existence of trained translators is of vital importance for the promotion and dissemination of Greek literature abroad. Though numerous factors are involved in the commercial success of a translated work, the main factor remains the quality of the translation. The programme is designed to meet the need in Greece for a translator training programme and has its aims:

  • the education and professional training of new translators of Greek literature into major foreign languages
  • the creation of a new generation of ambassadors of Greek letters and culture on a par with the notable translators and Hellenists of the past

The programme includes:

  • intensive courses in modern Greek in cooperation with the Modern Greek Language Teaching Centre at the University of Athens
  • courses in literary translation in cooperation with the corresponding cultural institutes in Athens
  • literary events (seminars, talks and meetings with Greek authors, etc.) in cooperation with the Greek Writers Society, the National Book Centre (EKEBI) and other organisations

Selected students should be aware that receipt of the scholarship requires:

  • residence and presence in Athens for the duration of the programme
  • regular attendance of their individual study courses (Greek language lessons, literary translation courses, seminars and talks on Greek literature, etc.)
  • work on a translation project (e.g. the translation of a selection of poetry or a short story, etc.) under the supervision of a professional translator
  • regular meetings with the director of the programme
  • the submission every three months of a progress report to the director of the programme.

Note: For the first three months of the scholarship, the student will be on probation.

The programme is addresses advanced foreign students who:

  • are foreign nationals and permanent residents of their country of origin
  • hold a degree in a germane subject (e.g., Modern Greek studies; translation studies; foreign languages and literatures; classical studies, etc.)
  • have a strong language learning aptitude and can demonstrate a good reading knowledge of Greek. (In exceptional cases, and following the recommendation of the Evaluation Committee, an individual may be admitted to begin studying Greek, in Greece, at the entrance level); and
  • provide sufficient evidence as to their motivation for wishing to join and be part of the programme.

Application Information

Candidates will be notified by 26/7/2018

Length of the scholarship: 10 months. Applications may be submitted between 07/02 and 17/5 (in the preceding year). Successful candidates will be notified by 26/7/2018 in order to have time to make the necessary preparations in order to be in Athens on 1/9. Selection will be made by the director of the programme in consultation with the representative of the Academy. The Selection Committee is not required to justify the reasons for its final decision. Applications should be submitted electronically using the relevant form and include a statement of the reasons why the applicants wish to participate in this programme. In addition, two letters of reference (preferably from their University tutors who can confirm the candidate’s suitability for the programme) should also be sent by post. The letters of reference should address specifically to the programme. The Evaluation Committee will assess the merits of each application and the ten finalists will be contacted for an interview (either in person or via Skype).

Contact Info


9, Valaoritou str.,
106 71, Athens, Greece
Phone. +30 210 3642142
Fax: +30 210 3642143