Greek government honours Professor Roderick Beaton

Professor Roderick Beaton, Emeritus Koraes Professor of Modern Greek & Byzantine History, Language & Literature, has become the latest recipient of the Medal of the Commander of the Order of Honour (Παράσημο του Ταξιάρχη του Τάγματος της Τιμής).

At a special ceremony held at the Presidential mansion on Monday 9 September 2019 Mr Prokopis Pavlopoulos, President of the Hellenic Republic, honoured and praised Professor Beaton for his exceptional contributions to the study of the formation of Greek national consciousness and of Byzantium’s role in the creation of the characteristic legacies of the Renaissance.

Yoiu may see the official announcement of the Presidency of the Greek Republic (in Greek) by following the link below:από-την-παρασημοφόρηση-του-ομότιμου-κ/


or the announcement of King's College London (in English):


The leading Greek newspaper I Kathimerini reported on the award ceremony and on Professor Beaton’s achievements as well: