Oxford Modern Greek Seminar

Modern Greek Seminar



Seminars are held at 5 p.m.

Ground Floor Lecture Room 1

47 Wellington Square,  OX1 2JF


Thursday, 24 October

Maria Tamboukou

(University of East London),


Decolonizing Theory, Challenging the Nomad:

Women Refugees in Greece Tell Their Story


Thursday, 31 October

Stelios Giamarelos

(University College London)


The Modern Margin at the Classical Centre:

A Critical Historiography of Architecture in Greece


Thursday, 7 November

Giorgos Sampatakakis

(University of Patras)


Defining Loss:

Thanatography and the Limits of the Sayable 

in Greek Literature, Theatre, and Performance on AIDS


Thursday, 14 November

Dimitris Asimakoulas

(University of Surrey)


Aristophanes in Comic Books:

Cultural Transfer, Humour and Translation