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Η γκρούπα των τραλαλάδων: νεότερα στοιχεία για τη θεατρική και καλλιτεχνική δραστηριότητα των πολιτικών προσφύγων στο Μπούλκες, πρώην Γιουγκοσλαβία (1945-1949)


This paper presents the findings of research conducted at the Greek Communist Party’s archives and elsewhere, regarding the settlement for Greek political refugees in Bulkes (former Yugoslavia, 1945−1949) and their theatrical and artistic activity there. Through the gathering, processing, and presentation of all infor- mation available, the paper tries to challenge the established views regarding theatre (and art) in Bulkes just as a propaganda instrument in the hands of the Communist Party’s authorities. Thus, the paper is attempting to integrate Bulkes into the historiography of contemporary Greek professional theatre.